Our Vision and Mission

It’s our mission to promote the ideals of freedom.

Freedom that comes in the form of a decentralized blockchain where one controls their assets and information is freely accessible while supporting and building a censorship-resistant platform further.

Our vision is a world where wealth and information are both easily accessible and attainable.

We will accomplish this vision by promoting the decentralized blockchain movement (HIVE and HELIX) and furthering the awareness about this through the D.Buzz platform and thought creative product designs and clothing.

Our History

In early 2018, the STEEM platform was a promising outlet for censorship-resistant content. Creative entrepreneurs used this platform to generate content and to build communities.

One such community built was the “Steem Philippines” community. This group of blockchain enthusiasts wanted to see crypto grow. From their weekly meetups, a strong core group of members decided to take the platform further and had a vision of a micro-blogging platform built on Steem.

In early 2020, Justin Sun took over the Steem platform. He engaged in censorship and unethical behavior. With this, a Hard Fork happened and birthed the HIVE blockchain.

Our community and band of crypto enthusiasts moved to the hive blockchain where they released their first DApp, D.Buzz. To further grow and promote cryptocurrency, we then released this web site.

Our Team Members


@ChrisRice, also known as Chris around the office, is the co-founder and driving force of a Philippines Crypto community on HIVE.


@NathanSenn, Some call him Nathan in real life too! Is our old man who yelled at bit coin and stated his own coin. He is a diving force on the D.buzz platform.


@Jacuzzi, also known as Tim, is one of the designers working on product dressing for the D.BUZZ Store, travel blogger and photographer.